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Recorded March 26th 2021

Understanding Options For Your Business

Richard and Bruce Piper met with Aaron Zoanetti (Partner at Pointon Partners Lawyers, and CATO board member) and Shaun Matthews (Director, Cor Cordis) who is a debt restructure and insolvency specialist. 

The session was aimed at improving understanding of financial and legal obligations that businesses face, along with discussion on the many options that might be available around restructuring. 



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Recorded March 10th 2021

Why You Should Sell Cruises - Gerd Wilmer

Join Gerd Wilmer for the first of a series designed to be an introduction into the wonderful world of cruising.

In sessions aimed at travel agents, newcomers and those that want to better understand this side of the industry, Gerd will share his long experience of personal cruising as well as selling them.

There are a lot of misconceptions about cruising – even within the industry. Gerd will address them!

Further webinars on Small Ships, Expedition Ships, Polar Regions and 5* cruising in the weeks to come.


Recorded Feb 12th

The Accidental Lobbyists - Jo and Christine

Back in April 2020, Jo Francis and Christine Ross-Davies began a dialogue with their local state members about funding support for the WA Travel Industry. The result was $3 million that was distributed to grateful businesses across the state.

Not content with that, today they are running a Facebook lobbying page with 2,100 followers nationally that helps mould the soundbites and messages that enable agents to put forward a consistent voice to the media.

We'll discuss how the pair fell into this unpaid and unsung role, what federal and state members are saying, and talk about why Jo and Christine believe everyone should still be speaking with their local representatives - in person - to work towards a common goal.

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Recorded March 23rd 2021

Polar Regions - Land and Sea

Join Gerd Wilmer in Part Three of his series to help us improve our knowledge of cruising.

This episode is called: Polar Regions, and includes both land and sea information. 

Get your thermal underwear on, and settle down for a destination guide to the Arctic and Antarctic, with samples of land-based and cruising options.

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Recorded March 5th 2021

Michelle Allen, Google

This webinar is open to everyone

Michelle Allen, Head of Travel at Google, joins Richard Taylor and Bruce Piper to discuss Google's upcoming free virtual events to help small to medium travel industry businesses stand out online. We'll also discover Google's latest Australian data for travel intentions and consumer sentiment.

“200,000 more households are shopping online since April 2020, and now is the time to be in consumer considerations”, says Michelle.


Recorded Feb 11th

The Importance of Personal Branding - Adam O'Neill

Richard speaks to Adam O’Neill about the importance of Personal Branding. 

“Time and again, I’ve leveraged my own personal brand whenever I've needed to forge new connections, grow influence within my organisation and most recently gain more visibility for my own business”, says Adam

"We live in a time where everybody now shares their lives online, and the last thing you want is to end up as another blur in an endless newsfeed."

Recorded March 21st 2021

The Dawn of a New Era for Expedition Cruises

Thanks to Gerd for re-recording this session himself, after technical issues on the live webinar!


Find out why expedition ships are called the “Teslas of the Cruise Industry”. During the last four years 24 newbuilt expedition ships have been launched, another 18 are scheduled in the next 18 months.


What is causing this boom? Is this an expedition cruise or just a leisurely cruise to unusual destinations? Do helicopters and submarines enhance the experience or are they just expensive toys? These are just some of the themes we talk about in this second of a series of webinars about cruising, with Gerd Wilmer.

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Recorded 16th Feb 2021

On Your Marks, False Starts - Dennis Bunnik

This webinar is open to everyone

Ultra-popular guest Dennis Bunnik, joint CEO of Bunnik Tours and chairman of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO), returns to join Richard Taylor and Bruce Piper of Travel Daily.

We discuss the coming months in the industry and the likelihood of multiple false starts ahead, 'crisis fatigue' and how we're all coping over such a protracted period, and what 'saving the travel industry' actually means.


Recorded Feb 11th

Getting The Balance Right, with Andrea Plawutsky.

Communicating travel messages in 2021

Against a backdrop of travel borders and lockdowns, the travel industry has been in an ‘on again, off again’ environment for almost a year. While there is a bullish optimism about the future with the impending rollout of highly anticipated vaccines, the current communication environment can be tricky to navigate.

Richard chats with regular guest Andrea Plawutsky, of Amplify Me, about getting the balance right between optimism and pragmatism. In a time that demands great flexibility and nimbleness it’s important to get back to communications basics to ensure you get things right.

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