Voyages’ trade rebound

VOYAGES Indigenous Tourism Australia Chief Executive Officer Matt Cameron-Smith believes the company’s facilities, particularly Ayers Rock Resort, will resonate strongly with locals as the country’s tourism industry revamps – and the company will be looking to bring the trade along with it.

Speaking to TD on the weekend during a joint famil with Qantas celebrating the return of QF flights from Sydney to Uluru (TD 28 Mar), Cameron-Smith said agents were well-placed to capitalise on the iconic destination.

“I think the trade will continue to be a bigger part as consumers are looking to de-risk their holiday,” Cameron-Smith added.

“The trade play a real role with their expertise around holiday planning, destination planning and uncomplicating things that might be seen as complicated.

“I think it’ll be the rise and rise of the travel agent; I think agents will actually see themselves recover faster,” he said.

Key to Ayers Rock Resort’s rebirth will be Voyages Tourism’s National Indigenous Training Academy (NITA), with many from the program working throughout the company’s properties.

“We’ve seen through COVID, the way the domestic market has really changed the lens, they look at holidays and travel through that sense of purpose, wanting to understand more, and do things that are meaningful. I think it will resonate,” Cameron-Smith said.

“Being part of these young people coming through their traineeships and graduating, and having a career in tourism, or hospitality, or retail or horticulture, it just gives that real sense of purpose to your holiday.”

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