Thai Airways comm backflip

ANOTHER year, another reversal in Thai Airways’ relationship with the travel trade.

The carrier yesterday advised its trade partners it was once again eliminating travel agent base commission for ticket sales in Australia, moving to 0% tomorrow.

“We apologise for the late notice, but kindly ensure all bookings are ticketed on/before 31 Mar 2022 in order to be eligible to claim current commission levels,” the carrier advised in a last-minute update.

The new zero commission rate applies to all published fare types for both international travel and domestic flights within Thailand.

In addition, “a ticketing fee will apply to all tickets,” TG said.

It’s the third commission change for Thai Airways in as many years, with the carrier initially eliminating base pay for agents in the first few months of the pandemic (TD 03 Jul 2020) as it entered bankruptcy proceedings.

That was followed by a welcome reversal early last year where it bucked the industry trend, announcing it would once again remunerate agents for selling its tickets, with a 3% base payment on all fares (TD 12 Jan 2022).

Today’s announcement sees TG rejoin the ranks of other commission-cutters in the local market including Qantas, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines.

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