October 1, 2023

The Hero In Your Back Pocket, with Tamara Kobiolke

The Hero In Your Back Pocket, with Tamara Kobiolke

Show Notes

In the final episode of the first series Richard and AC were joined by Tamara Kobiolke, to discuss hotel representation and why everyone should have a ‘hero in their back pocket.’

TK illuminated us on how advisors can best utilise her and folks like her to ‘sprinkle the fairydust’ onto a booking to make magical things happen, and in turn ensure clients keep coming back. 

Her businessss is called Numinous Luxury Travel Representation (website), and is based in Melbourne.

Aside from learning a thing or two about hotel representation we discussed violinists at candlelit tables, arriving on a helicopter to rescue a fam trip armed only with cashmere blankets and hot chocolate, and why we should trawl coffee shops for potential staff members. She also tells us why she wants us all to bother her with phone calls and emails. 

Our series sponsor is Viking, and this is a Travel Community Hub production. More info is available at www.travelcommunityhub.com

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