March 10, 2023

Steve Hui, Ormina Tours and How To Behave On Fam Trips

Steve Hui, Ormina Tours and How To Behave On Fam Trips

Show Notes

“There IS such a thing as a free lunch”

Richard and AC are joined by the founder iFlyFlat, Steve Hui, to uncover the secrets of his unique business that helps travellers effectively collect and use airline and credit card points to fly in business class.

Steve gives us an industry insider lesson on both status and points, and explains why he has the highest booking fees of any travel agent in Australia.  We plunder the best trips and tricks, and ask Steve whether he pretends to be someone else while travelling in taxis.

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AC covers her 10 Golden Rules of How To Behave On Fam Trips (copyright Ann-Catherine Jones) that she made up a few minutes before the show.

And Richard is joined by Anna Jones (no relation to AC Jones, even though her name is also AC Jones) from Ormina Tours for this week’s Sales Call. Anna speaks on how the company has adapted its modus operandi to adjust to the overwhelm experienced by travel advisors, and offers advice for them on effective  and efficient selling.

Our series sponsor is Viking, in case you weren’t paying attention.

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