June 12, 2023

Roslyn Ranse – Elevating The Profession

Roslyn Ranse - Elevating The Profession

Show Notes

Richard Taylor and Ann-Catherine Jones meet Travel Agent Achievers (TAA) founder Roslyn Ranse about elevating the profession of the travel advisor.

As the first frontline travel advisor to come onto the show, we were interested in Ros’ take on the current state of play in the industry and the new dominant force that is the mobile travel advisor.

Ros also tells about her motivation to start her learning and development platform Travel Agent Achievers and what support she can offer travel advisors to become more polished, more professional and more successful.

She lets us in on the secret of how she juggles being a mum, running a million dollar travel business, hosting a podcast, mentoring other advisors and running the Travel Agent Achievers community…..and apparently it doesn’t take a time machine in the lounge room to be able to fit it all in!

You can learn more about Travel Agent Achievers here : https://www.travelagentachievers.com/

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