July 9, 2023

Nicola Strudwick – Regional Agents and Professional Bed Testers

Nicola Strudwick - Regional Agents and Professional Bed Testers

Show Notes

“If you don’t do it, it just does not get done”.

Richard Taylor and Ann-Catherine Jones were joined by  Nicola Strudwick for this episode that talks about the unique needs of regional travel agents and advisors.

Nicola’s job title is General Manager Sales at Travellers Choice, a national retail travel group whose independent member travel agencies are the only shareholders. They represent travel agents located throughout Australia’s capital cities, metropolitan and regional areas, and it was the uniqueness of those regional agents that we wanted to delve further into.

Nicola also talked of her extensive work she’s done with tourism students, guiding them towards travel with an enthusiasm that we thing you’ll be hard pressed to equal elsewhere.

Along the way we heard stories about professional bed-testers and being helicoptered onto warships with briefcases full of cash.

You can find out more about Travellers Choice here: https://www.travellerschoice.com.au/

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