August 13, 2023

50 Shades of Influencer, with Myles Stedman and Honida Beram

50 Shades of Influencer, with Myles Stedman and Honida Beram

Show Notes

Richard and AC were joined by journalists Myles Stedman and Honida Beram to discuss the rightful place of influencers within the travel industry.

Myles started all this off with an article entitled “Why The Travel Industry Should ‘Cancel’ Influencers“, which led to Honida – aka Honey, of Cruising With Honey and an influencer in her own right – responding to it. And that has led to this podcast, where we wanted to get into this topic in greater detail. 

What transpired was a delightful conversation that we hope you’ll enjoy. 

  • Myles’ original article, “Why The Travel Industry Should ‘Cancel’ Influencers” is located here.
  • Honey’s reponse article, “Cancel Culture Has Reached New Heights“, is here. 
  • Myles’ follow-up piece on the subject, “What the Travel Industry REALLY Thinks About Influencers” is here. 

Myles is an Associate Editor at Travel Daily, also writing for other publications in the Business Publishing Group stable that includes travelBulletinCruise Weeklyand the consumer-facing Travel & Cruise Weekly

Honida’s blog, with a mere 375,000 subscribers, is Cruising  With Honey, and within the industry she’s perhaps best known for her  Cruising With Honey Facebook page. She can also be found on Instagram and no doubt other platforms too, but we’ve run out of energy searching the links for you. Just Google it!

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