It’s time to move on SAF

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand need to establish a Jet Council as soon as possible in order to accelerate the development of a local domestic Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Industry, a report compiled by the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Alliance of Australia and New Zealand contends.

The Bridging the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel report outlines several steps the countries must take to hasten the lowering of aviation emissions and maximise commercial opportunities in the SAF space, borrowing its model largely from similar moves undertaken in the United Kingdom.

“Following the lead of the UK and its Jet Zero Council, Australia and New Zealand should immediately establish a ‘Jet Council’ to connect the various levels of government with aviation industry stakeholders to guide the ongoing development of sustainable aviation policies,” Bioenergy Australia CEO Shahana McKenzie said.

“As a priority, the Jet Council would work with the various levels of government along with key industry participants to guide and support pathways for SAF R&D in Australia and New Zealand, as well as guide the design and implementation of policies to overcome existing barriers to SAF development,” McKenzie added.

The report echoes the sentiments of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, who only this month said he was very disappointed at not being able to purchase SAF locally due to a lack of development, instead inking a deal with California-based Aemetis to supply the carrier with 20 million litres of blended SAF a year from 2025 (TD 15 Mar).

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