Gap in travel priorities

ACCORDING to a recent survey by BCD Travel, duty-of-care is a top priority for travel buyers, followed by traveller satisfaction and wellbeing.

Despite this, only 62% of the 118 travel buyers surveyed said their companies provide travellers wellbeing support, and only 14% said their companies plan to increase budget for traveller wellbeing in 2022.

A previous BCD survey of 875 business travellers revealed that travel buyers rated mental support measures, such as stress management training and mental health counselling, as most important, while travellers prioritised physical wellbeing measures, including sleep and recovery advice, and gym membership while travelling.

The survey showed travel buyers and travellers agreed on the top five policy options to improve traveller wellbeing, including convenient hotel location, direct flights, and Business class for long-haul flights.

Freedom to decide to travel or not and a simple trip approval process were both ranked by travel buyers as important policy options for traveller wellbeing, while travellers preferred plane seat selection and fast-track security programs.

BCD Travel Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Janssen, believes there is “a significant gap between wellbeing supply and demand, and differing views on which measures most support traveller wellbeing.”

“Travel buyers should align their policies to what their travellers value and need…[and] put in more time and effort to clearly communicating the benefits of mental support, which is currently valued less than physical support,” he said.

Read the full report HERE.

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