Dearth of flights an issue

OUTBOUND travel from Australia is being hampered by a lack of air connectivity to key markets, G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip believes.

Speaking with Travel Daily on his first trip to Australia in more than two years, Poon Tip said that while a lack of flights to continents like South America might be delaying some Aussies to travel, he remains very confident that the appetite to take a trip with operators like G Adventures is very high.

“There’s not enough lift out of Australia at the moment and it’s very expensive because of the reduced flight schedules, but the desire is there for sure,” he said.

“We have definitely noticed an increase [in bookings] over the last couple of weeks…and the interest from Australians is definitely very high.

“Enquiries are very strong right now as well and digitally we have a lot of searches going on from Aussies, but the conversions are harder when you can’t get people on the flights,” he added.

While Poon Tip observed that the resurgence in local bookings had seen a lot of interest in Asia, he conceded this comes with its own challenges as the region lags behind the rest of the world in reopening to travel, disincentivising people to go ahead and finalise bookings.

G Adventures Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Sean Martin, also told TD that Peru had continued to be really strong for the brand.

“Despite the fact that to get there right now you need to travel via North America, people still want that ultimate bucket list experience and we are the largest eco travel operator in the world and we know how to do Peru better than anyone else,” he said.

MEANWHILE Poon Tip revealed that its new Roamies hostel offering targeting the 18-30 year-old market has performed “really well” since formally launching in May (TD 09 Dec 2021), pioneering a new set of experiences that takes the tourist out of travel and inserts more social cohesion.

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