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Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Richard Taylor

I’m the founder of the Travel Community Hub and also work for the Australian Travel Industry of Australia (ATIA) as Director of Membership Experience. I emcee industry events, host webinars and I’m also a very proud committee member of the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME).

In March 2020, when warning signs were everywhere that our industry might be heading for a period of significant change, I began interviewing some of my industry contacts to discuss what was happening.

Slowly they gathered notoriety, and across 2020-2022 became a source of knowledge, comfort and continued connection for a great many people.

Since then we’ve held more than 250 types of event and have experienced a range of emotions from laughter to tears, all of them offering both camaraderie and brilliant advice on countless subjects. These sessions, most of them webinars, were viewed more than 50,000 times.

In 2023 our industry is now making a recovery, but there is still much to discuss. The aim of TCH remains to offer something different to people of our industry, including those on the outside who may be considering a return. They are not forgotten.

As people have become busier, I am launching a podcast to keep discussing our industry, co-hosted by Ann-Catherine Jones. It’s title is ‘Offloaded, and is available to anybody at a time that suits them. The show will focus on our industry’s continued revival, as told by the individuals who are making it happen. 

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It contains information on what’s new and what’s coming up, and reaches a wide cross-section of the travel industry that contains some of its biggest decision makers.

I am far from the only person that loves our industry and its people, and would like to publicly thank each and every person who has offered support.

If you haven’t joined us yet, know that everyone is welcome.



Founder of the Travel Community Hub

More About Richard

I’m delighted to have been recognised for my efforts over the past few years, including being a finalist in the National Travel Industry Awards of 2022 and a Travel Daily Editor’s Choice Award. All this was made possible by the numerous guests who have appeared, offering their expertise and advice to others. My sincere thanks to each of them.