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The Travel Community Hub has held more than 200 industry discussion sessions since March 2020.

Some recent highlights are below. To be notified of upcoming sessions and receive access to all recordings, subscribe or become a member today. 

Social Media 1200.jpg


Social media hotshot Fiona Mayor of Pop Media returns to The Travel Community Hub, and spoke to Charlie Trevena and Richard Taylor.

Lessons from around the world point to travel businesses becoming busy very quickly, pushing other tasks to the back of the queue.

However, communication of your expertise and understanding of the travel space will surely be one of the deciding factors when potential clients seek out information.


To Fee Or Not 1200.jpg


Sonia Jones, Shelley Brice and AC Jones tackle the sensitive subject of applying service fees, interviewed by Richard Taylor and Bruce Piper.

In one of our most memorable sessions, we discussed:

- whether fees are right for everyone

- how to incorporate them

-whether clients will be lost

- how to bring staff along the journey

- and a whole lot more.   

Supplier Demands 1000 Official.jpg


James Hewlett, Michelle Mickan and Pete Rawley join Bruce Piper and Richard Taylor to discuss the challenges faced by travel industry suppliers as they attempt to re-engage with travel agents.

When marketing dollars return under more scrutiny than ever before, product suppliers will be confronted by an unfamiliar landscape.

Who is active? Who is hibernating? How do people want to hear from us? How do we rebuild relationships?


screenshot Deb Richard Suse Bruce.PNG


Richard Taylor and Bruce Piper speak to Debra Fox and Susan Haberle of The Inspire Collective.

The longstanding business partners and friends bring over 50 years combined experience and expertise across retail, tourism, travel operators and media.

As they launch a survey of travel agencies as part of research into what a brighter future may look like in a post-pandemic world, they say that whilst the industry is rightly focused on the challenges of today, it must also be ready to grasp the opportunities of tomorrow.





Thousands of industry professionals have attended webinars, live events and online gatherings​. Here are a selection of comments from our community members. 

Lisa Pagotto HeadshotsV2_edited.jpg



Crooked Compass

The diversity and breadth of not only the speakers but the topics Richard has covered over the past few months, has not only been refreshing and re-energising in such challenging times, but has allowed so many of us to stay connected and form new connections that perhaps would not have eventuated during normal trading times.


Richard's humour, innovative vision and ability to keep the industry connected will not go unrecognised and is beyond appreciated from all who form part of The Travel Community Hub.

tom manwaring.jpg



Australian Federation of Travel Agents

The Travel Community Hub has been a great success story within our restrictive Covid 



The sessions have been informative and enlightening, a place for information, learning and most importantly a supportive collaboration for all in our industry during our most difficult time.

Onward and upwards! 

James Hewlett PR cropped 2.jpg


Head of Marketing


Timely debates of hot topics, opportunities to connect and no shortage of humour.

The insightful webinars and hub have a been a refreshing and hugely welcome innovation in our industry!

Thanks so much Richard – keep up the fabulous work!

Sonia Jones Cropped ZOOM.jpg


Virtuoso Travel Designer

Sonia Jones Travel

The Travel Community Hub saved me from a very dark place in mid-2020. Hearing industry leaders whom I would never previously have crossed paths speak about our industry and connecting with others in the same space has been a game-changer.


Through my continued connection with The Travel Community Hub I went from attendee to presenter and was given a platform to share my experiences and inspire others, just as I had been inspired.

The forum is a great space to share ideas, ask questions and keep connected. I’m so pleased to be a part of it.

Penny Spencer cropped 600.jpg


Managing Director

Spencer Travel

Richard knows exactly what we have needed from the Travel Community Hub over the last 18 months.

The webinars, speakers and topics have been right on point and I personally have found so many learnings from every webinar.

To be part of a strong community and connect with people has helped many of us to get through to the other side.


Richard ensures we all have a laugh which keeps our morale up as well as having a real sense of community.

Christian Schweitzer cropped.jpg


Enterprise Marketing / Trav Trade / EMP Surveys

The Travel Community Hub has been an invaluable resource over the past 18 months and has helped me keep in touch with travel industry colleagues and peers.


The ability to share the experiences and challenges the industry has faced and continues to do so in a forum of trust and respect is credit to what Richard Taylor has built. 




Great Southern Outbound

What I missed the most throughout the pandemic and certainly in Sydney over the 4 month lockdown was PEOPLE. The Travel Community Hub assisted in closing this gap for myself any many who have all made new connections since joining.  


Whilst Richard was on his own personal and professional journey with the pandemic, he continued to support the members with webinars, content and of course my favourite the Travel Hub Pub on a Friday night. In the darkest time for our industry Richard has kept us informed, kept us learning and above all kept us smiling. He values many opinions and ensures inclusion for all.


Well done Richard for keeping the dream alive, I would encourage anyone to become a member and support what Richard has created and continues to develop.

Walter Nand cropped.jpg


Founder and Director, Unique Cruises
Director, Ride The World Motorcycle Tours

The Travel Community Hub has been a lifeline of hope and inspiration during an extremely challenging time for our industry. Not only because of the relevant range of topics and the quality of presenters - all delivered with the sense of humour that only Richard offers - but also because of the sense of community and positivity.


The Friday night 'Virtual Pub' sessions had added to this sense of openness, humour and community spirit.


I cannot recommend the Travel Community Hub more.

Leah Temple.jpg


Helloworld Temple Travel Group

The last 18 months have been ridiculously tough for all of us in the travel industry. At times I have felt like I was drowning - at first in the enormous task of managing the en masse cancellation of all of our future business, then in trying to lead a team through the months of refund chasing and client conflict, and now, as we try and imagine and bring to life a new vision for our future.


The Travel Community Hub has been a lifeline during this time. A safe place to re-group with others who were feeling the same. A place to hear from leaders in our industry. A place to share ideas about crafting that new future together. Thank you Richard, you’ve been like a beacon of light to all of us!



Founder and Principle Advisor
Applied Sense

Thank you is just not enough for the value Richard and the Travel Community Hub have given to a connection starved industry.

The ability to contribute, the rich and timely content provided by the participants and members through the many events, webinars and spontaneous reconnections have all been wonderful. All generated from Richard’s hard work and networking.

Richard, we will see the effects of your investment continuing to add value and lead to business improvements across our industry, particularly when the borders open and the vaccinated inherit the earth.




Director, Advocate and Educator

The Sustainable Traveller

Richard has single-handedly created a travel industry community that became a lifeline for many impacted by the pandemic crisis.


It's become the place to share stories and knowledge and make new connections with engaging webinars that are fun to watch and participate in. Richard's wit and humour alone are worth tuning in for, and I love hearing from so many fantastic travel industry people as well. Thank you Richard, for creating the travel community we can all be a part of.


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